Flatbed trolleys, turntable trolleys, board trolleys, mesh-sided trolleys, sack trucks, glass handling stillages, warehouse trolleys...


Off the shelf, or made to measure trolleys, all shapes and sizes, next day delivery on most items


We offer a wide variety of trolleys ready made, all shapes and sizes, colours and load handle capacities. From cash and carry trolleys, to warehouse or picking trolleys, to heavy duty turntable trucks, mesh-sided trolleys, panel trolleys, flatbed trolleys, and much more.

And if we don't have what you need we can make it for you. Our UK factory offers skilled welders, cutters and CAD design staff, so we can turn an idea into a drawing, or a drawing into a prototype quickly, a made to measure trolley.

We offer a great deal of experience with runs of made to measure trolleys and stillages, ytre racks and security cages.

About Us

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Made to measure trolleys and stillages


Our UK factory offers a custom design service for materials handling equipment such as trolleys, mobile stillages, parcel cages, dollies and bogeys.

Warehouse trolleys, board trolleys and panel trolleys, flatbed trolleys and turntable trucks, sacktrucks - and powered turntable trolleys.